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What is Scoopers?
Scoopers is a cooperative publishing platform. You can publish and share photos, articles, videos, links, documents, music, etc ...

You can post your own Scoops publicly (they will be visible to all) or privately (only visible to the recipients that you designate)

Create or become a member of a community to share and exchange content on a specific topic.
What is a Scoop?
A scoop is a publication posted on Scoopers.

It can contain as many items as you wish.
A title, a text, photos, videos, documents, music, geolocations, tags, dates, categories.

A scoop can be public (visible to everyone or private (only visible to the recipients that you designate)
What is a Community?
A community is a forum for exchanging on a given topic.

You can create public communities, accessible to all, or gated communities, to share content within a small group. You can also create secret communities, totally invisible and only accessible by invitation.
How to publish a Scoop?
To post Scoops, you must be a member of Scoopers (registration is free and only takes a few seconds).

In all site content pages, there is a module to enter a Scoop available at the top of the page. Then you can enter a title, add text and multimedia content (photos, video, links, documents, music, etc).

You can geotag your Scoop, add one or more dates to specify an event, add a price if an item is on sale and add tags to complete the topic you have chosen.

You can choose whether the Scoop is public (visible to everyone) or private (only visible to the recipients).

You can choose one or more categories in which post your Scoop.

Finally, you can select recipients for your Scoop (friends or community for example)

If you publish, your scoop will be immediately visible!
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