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Photos Of School Lunches From Around The World Will Make American Kids Want To Study Abroad
02 March 2015 to 19:51
Photos Of School Lunches From Around The World Will Make American Kids Want To Study Abroad
Which country's lunch would you want to be eating?...
4 Stunning Art Studios That Will Inspire You To Get Back To Work
17 August 2014 to 09:03
44 Stunning Art Studios That Will Inspire You To Get Back To Work
Where do you make art? It's a simple question with an infinite and colorful range of answers, from a swarming corner of your bedroom to a tranquil space in your backyard. Whatever your artistic studio may look like, its purpose remains the same: ...
Magdalen Graal You will arrive
06 August 2012 to 20:06
Artist : Magdalen Graal Song : You will arive Album : M
from the movie Love story
01 August 2012 to 05:08
Where Do I Begin!
Lord of the Flies-William Golding
24 July 2012 to 20:17
During an unnamed time of war, a plane carrying a group of British schoolboys is shot down over the Pacific. The pilot of the plane is killed, but many of the boys survive the crash and find themselves deserted on an uninhabited island, where they are alone without adult supervision. The first two boys introduced are the main protagonists of the story: Ralph is among the oldest of the boys, handsome and confident, while Piggy, as he is derisively called, is a pudgy asthmatic boy with glasses who nevertheless possesses a keen intelligence. Ralph finds a conch shell, and when he blows it the other boys gather together. Among these boys is Jack Merridew, an aggressive boy who marches at the head of his choir.

Golding's novel "The Lord of the Flies" reflects upon human society and shows how, if put the ideal situation, the evil held inside man can emerge from the depths in which it is contained and come to light in the most alarming and upsetting ways. The two major sets of systems in the novel are the ones in place during Ralph democratic rule, and the ones in place during Jacks dictatorial rule. In both cases the systems within either end in failure, or are distorted into a blatant form of evil.
A plane crashes on a desert island and the only survivors, a group of schoolboys, assemble on the beach and wait to be rescued. By day they inhabit a land of...
The book..way better :)
24 July 2012 to 20:32 - Cris
Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry
04 July 2012 to 12:53
Music video by Fergie performing Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal). YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 31,441,176. (C) 2007 Music Group/A&M Records
07 June 2012 to 18:55
No speech beats this one. Extra tags: (Ignore) The Defiance Against Tyranny braveheart william wallace mel gibson scotland film glasgow live scottish edinbur...
PITBULL - Back in time : MEN IN BLACK 3 (Clip officiel) HD
01 June 2012 to 15:09
Men in Black 3 : Pitbull 'Back in time' - de Barry Sonnenfeld Avec Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Emma Thompson... Sortie en salles le 23 Mai 2012 Plus d'infos =>
Westminster Abbey-the treasure of London
25 May 2012 to 11:22
Westminster Abbey este o catedrala gotica perfecta a carei constructie a inceput in secolul al XI-lea. Cum in alte tari exista turism, aceasta este punctul central de atractie al Londrei. A fost martora a peste 30 de incoronari, incepand cu William Cuceritorul. Naosul dateaza din secolul al XIV-lea, iar turnurile capatului vestic sunt opera lui Nicholas Hawksmoor. De asemenea, aceasta gazduieste monumente dedicate lui Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, D.H. Lawrence, Lord Byron sau Walter Scott.
p.s.: Face parte din Patrimoniul Mondial UNESCO
Coronation of King James II at Westminster Abbey in 1685. Henry Lawes (1596-1662): ''Zadok the Priest''. William Child (1606-1697): ''O Lord, grant the King ...
Le strategie IT per affrontare i Big Data
08 April 2012 to 22:17
Le strategie IT per affrontare i Big Data | Computerworld Italia
Gestire i Big Data è diventata una priorità per tutte le aziende, indipendentemente da dimensioni e settore di business. Ecco gli aspetti critici che l’IT deve affrontare e le strategie da mettere in atto per essere preparata alla nuova sfida
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