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03 October 2017 to 00:37
03 September 2017 to 22:03
14 September 2017 to 00:15 - Claudiu26
Ploua :))
15 September 2017 to 22:12 - Vanessaa
16 August 2017 to 00:51
16 August 2017 to 00:41
13 July 2017 to 08:48
She's like a doll
08 June 2017 to 18:34
02 June 2017 to 19:46
Lil'Mermaid <3
08 December 2016 to 09:50
Missing summer
This is what i call : Fashion
03 November 2016 to 08:08
Looking for a Good Blog for Fashion, Lifestyle, Sports, and More?
11 June 2015 to 08:19
Looking for a good blog for fashion, lifestyle, sports, and more? Check out Foogleme that brings a wide variety of amazing news, review, and knowledgeable information about fashion, fitness, lifestyle, sports, and more that will inspire you and changed you into a better and beautiful person, also offer a great communication for your questions and concerns. To find out more about the website, please visit Foogleme at
I'm your friend, Googleme!
05 March 2015 to 09:20
The Evolution of Women's Workwear Through the Decades
28 October 2014 to 13:14
The Evolution of Women's Workwear Through the Decades
Clothes say a lot about women's evolving roles in the workplace. A history of 20th century office fashion in photos.
25 October 2014 to 10:12
L'un des premiers ordinateurs Apple vendu 905.000 dollars aux enchères - Obsession
L'ordinateur  Apple -1 a été assemblé à la main en 1976 par Steve Wozniak dans le garage du cofondateur Steve Jobs ou dans la chamb...
25 October 2014 to 09:58
Microsoft abandonne la marque Nokia - Obsession
Après le rachat du Finlandais, le groupe américain décide de ne conserver que le nom Lumia pour ses smartphones.
Visit Nollywood Freaks, a Blog About Current Celebrity Gossip
24 October 2014 to 08:37
If you looking for current celebrity gossip, check out Nollywood Freaks, provides you dynamic and informative entertainment news portal, celebrity gist and gossips. Nollywood Freaks offers you interesting personal opinions and thoughts on what may already be reported in the media, also gives you review about style, beauty, weddings, and movies. Visit Nollywood Freaks at
Nollywood Freaks
DIY Shoes (3 Amazing Ways to Decorate your Shoes - Sneakers, Boots)
19 October 2014 to 02:53
For this DIY project I decorated my plain shoes into amazing Galaxy boots, snake skin high top sneakers and heart explosion sneakers.
DIY Clothes: DIY Shoes is a new episode in my DIY clothes projects series! This DIY fashion tutorial is all about DIY shoes makeover - true fashion DIY for g...
DIY 5 Easy Friendship Bracelets!
15 September 2014 to 17:07
In this DIY bracelet tutorial I show how to make 5 easy, but adorable friendship bracelets. All of them are perfect for beginners in bracelet making. Happy knotting!
DIY friendship bracelets! In this easy friendship bracelets tutorial I show 5 beautiful, but easy friendship bracelet designs and projects, perfect for begin...
22 Of The Most Creative Necklace Designs Ever
29 August 2014 to 11:56
22 Of The Most Creative Necklace Designs Ever | Bored Panda
It's not surprising that necklaces are the oldest known form of jewelry – they are simple, beautiful, and take a proud and prominent place on the wearer's chest. But necklaces have come a very long way since the shells and beads worn by ancient humans – today's necklace designs have picked up a few cool new tricks since then!
DIY T Shirt! 5 Unique ways to recycle your old T Shirt.
27 August 2014 to 00:43
In this clothes diy I show 5 fashionable ways on how to revamp your old t-shirts. You will learn how to make a spiral dyed fringed T Shirt, muscle T, American flag shirt, halter top and a knotted smiley shirt.
DIY clothes tutorial with 5 easy DIY T shirts! In this DIY clothes tutorial I show 5 DIY Projects on how to transform plain t shirt into beautiful DIY shirt ...
5 Truths the Fast Fashion Industry Doesn't Want You to Know
22 August 2014 to 12:19
5 Truths the Fast Fashion Industry Doesn't Want You to Know | Shannon Whitehead
The industry giants have dedicated millions of dollars to massive PR campaigns, going so far as to launch
Let's go to Mexico
29 July 2014 to 13:17
Let's go to Mexico | 79 Ideas
79 Ideas - a blog about decoration, design, decor, fashion, food and other pretty things
A little escape to Southwest France
24 July 2014 to 13:17
A little escape to Southwest France | 79 Ideas
79 Ideas - a blog about decoration, design, decor, fashion, food and other pretty things
17 July 2014 to 14:54
In luna iulie, S.T.U.P. a lansat un nou proiect -"Noua Malagamba a Bucurestiului", cu barbati romani bine imbracati, reprezentativi din diferite domenii -- m...
Summer atmosphere and the folding chairs
16 July 2014 to 13:31
Summer atmosphere and the folding chairs | 79 Ideas
79 Ideas - a blog about decoration, design, decor, fashion, food and other pretty things
DIY 10 Easy Phone projects (case, pouch & more)
14 July 2014 to 17:47
In this DIY tutorial I show 10 cool phone projects to make your headphones or a phone case look more beautiful and I even show how to create your own protective phone pouch. Enjoy
In this DIY phone tutorial I show 10 easy phone DIY projects. I show how to DIY phone Case, phone pouch and headphones. So join me on 10 easy DIY fashion ide...
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