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04 July 2015 to 21:51
Roumanie La Pierre En Or ! Romania Golden Stone ! Romania Pietra Dorata ! 罗马尼亚黄金石 !" class="txt effet_lien" onclick="javascript:linkOpenUrl(this);return false;">>
Best Digital Agency in Melbourne, AU Specializing in Mobile App Development and Web Design Services. Call Today for Your Free Initial Consultation!
23 January 2015 to 05:31
Friday 23 January 2015
If you are looking for best digital agency in Melbourne, visit Hitori Inc at W2.09 / 87 Gladstone Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205, offers you web and mobile apps to help business improve productivity and deliver the best digital solution and technology; also give a range of digital services including website design & development, e-commerce and digital strategy. Call 61 3 9682 8003 or visit
Web & Mobile App Developers Melbourne // Hitori Digital Creative Agency
We build web and mobile apps to help business improve productivity and tech start-ups thrive. Web App Developers, Mobile App Developers Melbourne, Australia.
Go go go hero black 4
10 November 2014 to 15:48
Introducing HERO4 Black, the most advanced GoPro ever. Featuring improved image quality and a 2x more powerful processor with 2x faster video frame rates, HE...
go go go Hero !!
10 November 2014 to 09:58
Capture your world in an all-new way with HERO4 Silver, the first-ever GoPro to feature a built-in touch display. Controlling the camera, playing back footag...
29 October 2014 to 09:50
From Naughty Boy's debut album "Hotel Cabana" AVAILABLE NOW - Download: Watch the Hotel Cabana trailer at F...
How to Learn Photography
10 July 2014 to 17:13
How to Learn Photography | Digital Photography Courses
You have a good eye and you are seeing good pictures but they just aren’t coming out the way you wanted. Learn the art of Photography absolutely Free. This
Free online photography lessons - photography school -
Free photography lessons online with tips, tricks and techniques to help you become a better photographer. Your online photography school.
Best Free Online Photography Courses | Learn Photography Online
Top 5 sites to learn basic and intermediate photography courses online for free! Take high quality online photography courses from now!
Digital Photography Lessons - Free Photography Course, DSLR Lessons & Tips
Master your digital camera with these easy-to-understand photography lessons that will have you taking amazing pictures like the pros.
50 Free Photography Lessons You Should Take for Fun | Photography Colleges
Search top online photography schools and colleges
Online Photography and Photoshop Courses at The Perfect Picture School of Photography
PPSOP offer over 20 photography and photoshop classes online, taught by professional photographers like Bryan Peterson, Chris Hurtt, Kathleen Clemons, Ron Goldman and Donna Eaton.
20 January 2014 to 21:53
BBC Documentary with various interviews from well-known chess enthusiasts regarding the 1972 World Chess Champion match between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spass...
norman mclaren - YouTube
Deel je video's met vrienden, familie en de rest van de wereld
Emeli Sandé - Read All About It
29 October 2013 to 22:41
I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG Lyrics: You've got the words to change a nation But you're biting your tongue You've spent a life time stuck in silence Afraid you'll ...
Respect !
12 October 2013 to 11:47
Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from ‪ Fireman Cory Kalanick rescues an unconscious kitten from a burning house filled with smoke. Music D...
Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise
09 October 2013 to 01:14
What if telekinesis was real? How would you react? Our hidden camera experiment captures the reactions of unsuspecting customers at a New York City coffee sh...
super nice comercial
08 July 2013 to 09:05
Dove Camera Shy is the follow-up viral video to Real Beauty Sketches. At Dove, we are committed to creating a world where beauty is a source of confidence, n...
Capture every moment
31 May 2013 to 00:18
Maria Mena - Secrets
22 May 2013 to 19:58
From her new album "Viktoria". DISCLAIMER: No copyright infringement intended. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes only, and I am in no ...
moving sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person
24 March 2013 to 01:37
Project by Daniel Franke & Cedric Kiefer produced by: Documentation: Music: Machinefabriek&
Unnamed Soundsculpture | 123 Inspiration
Daniel Franke created a moving sculpture from the recorded motion data of a real person. A dancer had been recorded by three cameras while visualizing a musical piece with her body...
Beyond a href: Preserving Flash-driven Art
27 February 2013 to 22:08
One of the most common multimedia formats used in the ArtBase is Flash, dating back to its origins with FutureWave and through its development by Macromedia and Adobe. Of the myriad formats used in the ArtBase’s collection, SWF is the most prevalent and deeply used multimedia filetype: over a third of the archived works are founded on it. Its combination of power (few formats offer its combination of browser-driven multimedia and interactivity) and ubiquity on audience machines made it the obvious choice for artists looking to go beyond the HTML and JavaScript-driven net art of the late 1990s.
Rhizome | Beyond a href: Preserving Flash-driven Art
Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
The Body as an Object of Interference
24 February 2013 to 07:35
Dancers often describe the feeling of watching someone else’s performance and actually feeling, in their own bodies, the form and movement of the other. This sensation of inhabiting another’s body in a relative physical way is called proprioception and it does have a basis in neurological fact, which reports that some can access this bodily empathy innately while others, especially in kinesthetic disciplines like dancing or music, develop a sensitivity to it over time.
Rhizome | The Body as an Object of Interference: Q+A with Jeff Kolar
Rhizome is dedicated to the creation, presentation, preservation, and critique of emerging artistic practices that engage technology.
For more infos, press the link
24 February 2013 to 07:36 - Dan
trop fort l instru...
15 January 2013 to 13:30
video traducido y subtitulado al español latino
Milioane de fulgi de zapada <3
11 December 2012 to 22:51
Polaroid Pogo: Instant Cameras Are Back
17 November 2012 to 15:20
Polaroid Pogo: Instant Cameras Are Back!
If you know what to do when Andre3000 tells you to shake it like a Polaroid picture, then you're probably well acquainted with the anachronistic instant cameras from as early as the late 40's.
Vargas Llosa, Mario The War of the End of the World
03 November 2012 to 14:21
A man called "The Counselor" is wandering the deserts, plains, and villages. He teaches scripture and rebuilds churches, like a monk, eating and sleeping very little. He attracts an odd group of followers--cripples, murderers, fanatical boys--and leads them to Canudos where they build a town and a glorious cathedral. The town is designed in imitation of Jerusalem. Many people flock to the site to see The Counselor; he heals them with a touch and washes them clean of sin.

The newly-installed conservative government is suspicious of Canudos, seeing it as a bastion of progressive sentiment. They resolve to attack the town and wipe it out. The Counselor, however, has long warned his followers that the Dog and his forces of evil will try to ruin their sanctuary.

When the small branch of the army sent to destroy what they think is a band of cripples and madmen arrives, they are slaughtered with all the vengeance of a holy war. The angered government sends a larger force and the town is eventually destroyed, but the few survivors insist that they saw The Counselor ascend to heaven, and so his reign lives on.
The novel’s focus is the distinction between fact and fiction, history and narrative. This is true most apparently because the novelist employs the tropes most customarily associated with historical novels--novels that at least claim to have some relation to real historical events. Dates are noted and an objective, journalistic tone sometimes dominates the narrative. Nevertheless, it is clear that most of the details of the novel are pure fiction.

Characters also discuss the nature of fact. Canudos is called "a tree of stories," it is built of words and faith. Nevertheless, it is as real as any less prosaic town. It remains unclear whether The Counselor is truly (factually) a prophet or a madman and by the end of the novel it doesn’t seem to matter what the truth of the situation is. What matters is what people say and believe. In these ways, the novel challenges a common-sense notion that facts are what matter. In this story, culture, beliefs, or pre-suppositions clearly have more relevance than truth.
Sir David Frost talks to Mario Vargas Llosa, the writer and former Peruvian presidential candidate, about the extradition of former Peruvian President Albert...
Samsung unveils Android-powered GALAXY Camera
05 September 2012 to 01:26
Here's a run-down of the key specifications:

16.3 effective magapixel, 1/2.3" BSI CMOS sensor
F2.8, 23 mm, 21x Optical Zoom wide angle lens
Optical Image Stabilization
4.77", 308 ppi HD Super Clear Touch Display
ISO100 - 3200
1.4 GHz Quad Core processor
Android 4.1 Jellybean OS
8 GB on board memory plus micro SDHC/SDSC/SDXC memory slot
Full HD video 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps
Slow motion movie capture (720 x 480 at 120 fps)
HDMI video output
Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
Battery: 1650 mAh
Dimensions: 128.7 x 70.8 x 19.1 mm
Weight: 305 g
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