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15 May 2015 to 13:38
31 December 2014 to 09:28
14 November 2014 to 18:19
xJuMPER DIN Rail Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel and Cabling System
12 August 2014 to 08:12
Take the new innovation in cable installation with DIN Rail Mount xJuMPER Patch Panels and Fiber Optic Cabling System. They will help you to do your work more easy and fast by using their product and read the information they give to you. Lets visit their site now at or by email them at to get more information
Video | xJuMPER®
xJuMPER DIN Rail Mount Fiber Optic Patch Panel and Cabling System
26 February 2014 to 19:14
17 December 2013 to 19:19
Teach me how to Azonto
13 December 2013 to 09:44
Learning something new has never been this much fun -- Welcome to Azonto-Versity!!! This is where you sharpen up on your Azonto skills and learn all the diff...
09 September 2013 to 19:04
Nicu Alifantis - Pasul Tău
15 July 2013 to 18:08
Albumul Mozaic poate fi achiziţionat începând cu 7 mai 2013 in Bucureşti şi în ţară la: Carturesti, Librariile Humanitas, Librariile Librarium, Librariile Al...
27 June 2013 to 12:40
Han Hoogerbrugge's movie at Biennale 2011
10 February 2013 to 17:51
Han Hoogerbrugge's movie at Biennale 2011 (!) Hope Han doesn't get upset about sharing his work work :)
The Deep Blue Lakes of Band-e-Amir, Afghanistan
04 June 2012 to 15:00
The beautiful lakes were created by the carbon dioxide rich water that is drawn from the spring melt-water in the surrounding mountains and came out from faults and cracks in the rocky landscape. This outflow of water percolates slowly through the underlying limestone, dissolving its principal mineral, calcium carbonate. Over time, the water deposited layers of hardened mineral (travertine), which created dams that trap water in increasingly large basins. These dams are usually about 10m high and 3m wide. Water cascades from one lake to the other near travertine terraces serving as massive natural dams between the lakes.
In pictures: Band-e-Amir - Afghanistan's first national park | Environment |
Band-e-Amir, a collection of six sapphire-blue lakes, was named as Afghanistan's first national park in April 2009. The government hopes the park will one day become one of Central Asia's hottest international&
So...when sent to Afghanistan, soldiers go on a little paradisiac holiday?
05 June 2012 to 16:03 - Zxcvbnmasdfghjkl
Il libraio di Kabul
11 April 2012 to 11:20
Libri da leggere assolutamente: il libraio di Kabul, di Asne Seierstad
Due premesse: adoro i[...]
Afghanistan announces satellite tender (The Guardian)
11 April 2012 to 08:50
International partner sought to put Afghanistan's first satellite in orbit to improve the country's television and internet coverage
Afghanistan announces satellite tender | World news |
22 March 2012 to 04:17
As each of us has his own impression of Afghanistan that is predominantly marked with pictures of foreign forces, explosions and terror, we were privileged to have access to capture daily life and portrait some people of Afghanistan. We hope the pictures...
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