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Stranger In The Dark
27 May 2014 to 18:36
Stranger in the Dark is based on the story arc of a young girl who moves to a small town.
The horror starts when she wakes up one morning to find herself scared as she confronts
her greatest fear, the Stranger in the Dark.
Brick house pictures started out as just a dream. As our company continues to grow our independent productions company continues to expand and collaborate wi...
Lady Saw - Heels on
15 March 2013 to 20:42
Starring Shaggy
OFFICIAL VIDEO RELEASE OF LADY SAW HIT SONG "HEELS ON" Produced by Diva Records Directed By Scorpio21 I.D Studios Mixed by Teetimus and Truckback Records Fol...
24 November 2012 to 14:14
Lady Saw- Party till december
Lady Saw's music video for her HIT - Party TIll December, off her latest album, "My Way".
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