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14 May 2015 to 12:53
14 May 2015 to 08:53
Check Out Organic Dog Grooming Services in Miami, Visit
19 February 2015 to 03:26
Thursday 19 February 2015
When it comes to organic dog grooming services in Miami, come visit Tender Pet Grooming by Yuli at 12833 SW 42 St., Miami 33175, brings you high quality pet grooming services at competitive prices that will match for your pet personality and life style, using natural products that will increase your pet health, also give tender, love, care, and patience service. Call (305) 221-0070 or visit
Pet Groming in Miami Professional Pet Grooming Chick Boutique Pet gromming Spa 33175 animal lovers
Miami Houses
20 September 2012 to 21:05
Referencing the work ofthe Becher, of the Düsseldorf school of visual art of the 70s.
Through repetition of a strict formal composition, the initial understanding of the function of the subject gradually fades as an analysis of the form of the subject. The repetition creates an inevitable comparison between images, thus informing the viewer as to the multiplicity of differences…
Miami Houses
Referencing t h e w o r k o f t h e B e c h e r , of the Düsseldorf school of v i s u a l a r t o f t h e 7 0 s . Through repetition of a strict formal composition, the initial understanding of the function of the subject gradually fades as an analysis o…
Amazing Papercraft Design Artists
05 June 2012 to 14:14
Most of us had fun in our youth creating paper airplanes and reveling in joy when they actually flew in a straight line. Some people, however, have taken that fascination with paper to new heights in what can be best described as Papercraft – the intricate art of creating 3D structures made purely out of paper and card. By literally using flat pieces of paper, artists have proven that there are endless possibilities for what shapes and structures you can mould and produce. There are so many outstanding and diverse styles of papercraft designs out there that, an art from, it really does stand alone on a creative level. Here’s a few such amazing works of designers who would laugh at your pathetic attempts at origami.
Peter Callesen
Jen Stark
Jen Stark | Drawing, Sculpture, Animation
Simon Schubert
Simon Schubert, Künstler
Brian Dettmer -
Sher Christopher Paper Sculptor
International contemporary artist who creates unique paper sculptures.
Elsa Mora
The official blog of Elsa Mora. A multimedia artist based in Los Angeles, CA.
Yulia Brodskaya : Illustration
Illustration stuff meta description comes here
Forms in paper. - a set on Flickr
I use paper modelling as a means to generate form. I place the emphasis on the creation of form through hands on material exploration, something paper lends itself to perfectly. Discovering the properties of the medium in this direct way helped me better understand the potential of paper in its own right, leading to the creation of sculptural forms. All the objects produced are simply one stage in an ongoing process of exploration. This involves investigating the medium itself and the methods by which it can be manipulated.
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