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20 July 2017 to 22:33
21 June 2017 to 23:42
"Le love est dans le pré 2014"
13 September 2014 to 13:41
L'amour est dans le pré 2014 : Gilles et Bertrand casés, Thierry va se marier
Réactualisation : M6 s'est de nouveau hissée en tête des audiences avec la diffusion de la première partie du bilan de l'édition 2014 de L'amour est dans le pré...
Keep Silent
02 September 2014 to 08:18
Silence itself is the most intense language. I closed my mouth and spoke to you, in a hundred silent ways.
Anxiety Treatment in Toronto
25 August 2014 to 08:48
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Psychotherapist Chapel Hill
28 April 2014 to 10:55
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Psychotherapist, Counselor and Life Coach in Chapel Hill, near Durham, NC @ Martha Whitney, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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Low Cost Dental Plans
31 January 2014 to 10:20
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20 September 2013 to 12:35
Seaside loving
11 August 2013 to 20:07
31 May 2013 to 02:12
04 March 2013 to 12:27
27 February 2013 to 09:51
31 January 2013 to 02:30
29 January 2013 to 08:15
Buenos Aires Tango
04 October 2012 to 14:57

Sensual. Moving. A way to mourn, or to escape. Such are the allures of tango, the salacious dance and somber song of Buenos Aires bordellos in the late 1800s. Today, in Argentina, tango's age-old themes remain unblemished: Remembering love, lamenting loss.
TANGO FIRE - Verano Portenas
06 August 2012 to 12:43
TANGO FIRE during their world tour. I filmed them at the Maag Eventhall in Zürich Switerland Credits: ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Carolina Soler DANCERS Nelson Celis &...
L'idee a la con du jour ...
20 July 2012 to 19:07
Sauter sur un cheval par derrière
Un homme tente de sauter sur un cheval par derrière mais va surprendre l'animal qui va lui donner un coup de sabot (ruade) dans le ventre.
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