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07 August 2017 to 08:52
10 December 2014 to 20:31
⛄⛄ | We Heart It
⛄⛄ | We Heart It
Let Your Left Side - The Heart - Talk To The Right One - The Mind
02 September 2014 to 08:14
Blind eyes are more powerful than the eyes which can see everything and the deaf their sense is more sharper then the people who listen properly,because they feel everything from their inner soul,they always listen to what their heart says.
Love Has No Limits
02 September 2014 to 08:09
14 May 2014 to 13:48
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13 March 2014 to 09:03
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Raw Food Diet for Dogs Recipes
17 February 2014 to 09:22
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DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet
12 February 2014 to 03:50
In this bracelet making tutorial I show how to make adorable heart friendship bracelets.
This Friendship bracelet tutorial shows how to DIY heart friendship bracelets. These DIY bracelets are really easy, simple, but cute and I show how to make t...
24 September 2013 to 09:08
Save Rosia Montana!
09 September 2013 to 10:34
Eseu despre proiectul de minerit cu cianuri si mina deschisa la Rosia Montana Romania Essay regarding the mining project with cyanide and open-pit at Rosia M...
15 March 2013 to 15:20
14 March 2013 to 11:33
26 February 2013 to 15:38
Heart on the sand
18 February 2013 to 12:03
14 February 2013 to 08:22
Love is the most wonderful of all feelings in this world...
14 February 2013 to 07:31
keep the love...
06 February 2013 to 11:29
30 January 2013 to 10:11
15 December 2012 to 02:36
14 October 2012 to 17:07
14 September 2012 to 12:21
Buddha Bar Music ~ Beautiful Nature ~ Beautiful Woman With Love... . . DISCLAIMER: All clips and music are copyrighted to their respective owners. No infring...
Food That Kills - Full Documentary
09 August 2012 to 11:22
Presented by: Dr. Michael Klaper - 1993 Official Website for Dr. Michael Klaper Forks Over Knives http:/...
Heart of a Dog-by Mikhail Bulgakov
23 July 2012 to 14:07
In early 1925, Mikhail Bulgakov wrote Heart of a Dog, the story of Sharik, a homeless, injured and hungry dog taken in by an upper-class gentleman, Professor Preobrazhenski. After nursing it back to health, Preobrazhenski transplants human testes and human pituitary glands onto the dog. Sharik then transforms into Sharikov, a creature with a human body structure, doglike tendencies, and a nasty disposition stemming from the origin of his human parts taken from the body of a criminal.

The novel has been interpreted both as a satire on the Communist attempts to create a New Soviet man and as a criticism of eugenics.[7][8] One commonly accepted interpretation is that Bulgakov was trying to show all the inconsistencies of the system in which Sharikov, a man with a dog's intelligence, could become an important part. Sharik is seen as "a reincarnation of the repellent proletarian," and the professor represents a "hyperbolic vision of the bourgeois dream," according to J.A.E. Curtis.
Names figure prominently in the story. Preobrazhensky's name is derived from the Russian word for "transfiguration." "Sharik" is a common name for dogs in Russia, equivalent to "Spot."

The name and patronymic "Poligraf Poligrafovich" translate roughly as "Rotogravure, Son of Rotogravure" and echoes a tradition of nonsense double names in Russian literature that goes back to Gogol's hero Akakii Akakievich in "The Overcoat". The name is also a satire on new naming conventions in the early Soviet Union. Nevertheless, the name was chosen according to the old Russian tradition, of "consulting the calendar," with Poligraf's name day being March 4.

The name of the donor of the human implants, an alcoholic and bum, is Chugunkin ("chugun" is cast iron) which can be seen as parody on the name of Stalin ("stal'" is steel).
A major new collaboration between acclaimed UK theatre-makers Complicite and ENO, as director Simon McBurney makes his much-anticipated opera debut. Opens at...
Sting - Shape Of My Heart
18 July 2012 to 14:35
The original video of the song Shape Of My Heart by Sting, the soundtrack of the movie Leon This is the best quality you may see on YouTube Enjoy this great ...
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