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Des girafes blanches filmées au Kenya : les images d'une première mondiale
20 September 2017 to 11:10" class="txt effet_lien" onclick="javascript:linkOpenUrl(this);return false;">>
Subscribe here: Conservation Rangers were left stunned after the discovery of an extremely rare white giraffe and her calf. Rumours had...
08 October 2017 to 15:32 - Aura28
Giraffe Playing in a Swimming Pool
16 June 2012 to 09:15
Giraffe Playing in a Swimming Pool Will Brighten Your Day | Geekosystem
Imagine you live in a nice house with a fancy backyard and swimming pool. Friends and neighbors choose your place for most social gatherings, and ask if they can use your pool whenever they want without having to alert you each time. You're probably used to this, and begrudgingly agree because, hey, you're a nice person, and they're your friends and neighbors, after all. But this giraffe? This giraffe didn't ask to use your pool at all, which might seem rude, but then again, it's a giraffe playing in a swimming pool, so it's coo. It's coo, giraffe. Check out more pictures of what looks like pure giraffe joy after the break.
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