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18 April 2014 to 06:38
So sieht Kaspar Hauser im Jahr 2013 aus: Jogginghose, ein paar Turnschuhe und riesige Kopfhörer. Er wird an den Strand einer Insel geschwemmt und vom dortige...
06 December 2013 to 22:07 This is the trailer for Christopher Nolan's second film, Memento (2000), starring, Guy Pearce, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Joe Pantoliano. : books
Memento (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Film Art on The Man Who Knew Too Much - From the Current - The Criterion Collection
From Earth in Space and Back
16 November 2013 to 23:24
2002 short animation by Lucy Dyson. Sound Design by Bec Charlesworth and Michael Theiler.
Space Race - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul
15 July 2013 to 17:59
Un bonheur n'arrive jamais seul Bande Annonce. Rejoignez nous sur Facebook ! Sacha aime ses amis, la fête, séduire les jolies f...
13 April 2013 to 12:09
Love Building is a camp designed to mend broken relationships. 14 couples in the program have 7 days to re-design their love lives. But the 3 trainers meant ...
Iron Man 3 : Nouvelle Bande Annonce VOST
12 March 2013 to 19:17
Au menu : le HulkBuster, le Mandarin, des Iron Men dans de nouvelles combinaisons et bien d'autres réjouissances ! Rejoignez-nous sur Facebook
Einstein and Eddington Trailer
26 January 2013 to 14:27
A new movie from HBO Films; premieres Tuesday, March 23 only on HBO Signature. For more information, log onto
Justin Timberlake: I’m not a great actor – and I never thought I could sing
31 December 2012 to 17:41
In this video, takes a look at the life and career of singer-songwriter and actor, Justin Timberlake.
Justin Timberlake - IMDb
Justin Timberlake, Soundtrack: Love Actually. Justin Randall Timberlake was born to Lynn Harless and Randy Timberlake on January 31, 1981, in Memphis, Tennessee. At the age of 11, he appeared on the show Star Search, and even though he didn't win, it didn't dampen his ambitions. He also appeared on MMC, where his costars included Britney Spears...
Justin Timberlake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Justin Timberlake - Actor -
Justin Timberlake - Justin Randall Timberlake - cânt?re?, actor s-a n?scut la 31.01.1981, cunoscut(?) pentru The Social Network. Biografie Justin Timberlake: Justin Timberlake s-a nascut pe data de 31 ianuarie 1981 in Memphis, Tennessee.
Justin Timberlake: I'm not a great actor - and I never thought I could sing
Justin Timberlake talks to the Metro about being comfortable with aging, the rebirth of his latest venture MySpace and why he doesn't think much of his singing, dancing and acting skills.
Road to Santiago Trailer
21 November 2012 to 19:20
Nacho is a photographer, Pilar is a journalist and they absolutely despise one another. Then they receive the order to make a reportage together on a guru na...
The Way (2012) - Official Trailer
21 November 2012 to 19:15
"The Way" is a powerful and inspirational story about family, friends, and the challenges we face while navigating this ever-changing and complicated world. ...
The Magus John Fowles
03 November 2012 to 13:56
The Magus (1966) is a novel by British author John Fowles, the first book he wrote, but his third to be published. It tells the story of Nicholas Urfe, a teacher on a small Greek island. Urfe finds himself embroiled in psychological illusions of a master trickster that become increasingly dark and serious.

The story is written from the perspective of young Oxford graduate and aspiring poet Nicholas Urfe, who takes up with Alison Kelly, an Australian girl he meets at a party in London. To get away from an increasingly serious relationship with her, Nicholas accepts a post teaching English at the Lord Byron School in the Greek island of Phraxos. Bored, depressed, disillusioned, and overwhelmed by the Mediterranean island, Nicholas struggles with loneliness and contemplates suicide. Finding himself habitually walking the isle, he stumbles upon the estate, and soon the person of, wealthy Greek recluse Maurice Conchis, who may or may not have collaborated with the Nazis during World War II.

Nicholas is gradually drawn into Conchis' psychological games, his paradoxical views on life, his mysterious persona, and his eccentric masques. At first, these various aspects of what the novel terms the "godgame" seem to Nicholas to be a joke but, as they grow more elaborate and intense, Nicholas's ability to determine what is real and what is artifice vanishes. Against his will and knowledge, he becomes a performer in the godgame and realizes that the reenactments of the Nazi occupation, the absurd playlets after de Sade, and the obscene parodies of Greek myths are not about Conchis' life, but his own.
Magus is a fantasy/horror movie made by Turning Point Productions. It stars Ron Fitzgerald, Lizzy Strain, Bill Steele, Eva Derrek. Magus is written and direc...
Halloween 3 - Official Trailer 2012 [HD]
31 October 2012 to 18:15
Something from Nothing The Art of Rap Trailer (Documentary)
28 September 2012 to 13:06
Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap Documentary Trailer. Join us on Facebook ! Ice-T takes the audience on an intim...
Prea tare filmu' :D
14 September 2012 to 15:27 - Sweetlynda
11 September 2012 to 02:35
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