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03 June 2013 to 09:29
dedon swingrest
02 April 2013 to 02:15
DEDON: Collections
All DEDON collections in detail: Exclusive furniture for indoors and outdoors. Handwoven from weather-resistant DEDON fiber.
Il me faudrais ca
02 April 2013 to 10:50 - Raymonde
Tango - Roxanne
25 November 2012 to 13:06
To see more of my videos : Music - Instrumental version of "El Tango de Roxanne" The clips used : "Love and Dance" ("K...
Lara Fabian Tango
05 October 2012 to 15:30
Une chanson moins connue que d'autres de Lara Fabian mais une très belle interprétation de la chanteuse sur le thème du tango.
Buenos Aires Tango
04 October 2012 to 14:57

Sensual. Moving. A way to mourn, or to escape. Such are the allures of tango, the salacious dance and somber song of Buenos Aires bordellos in the late 1800s. Today, in Argentina, tango's age-old themes remain unblemished: Remembering love, lamenting loss.
Tango time
10 September 2012 to 16:45
"Tango. Radio and Juliet" - Bucharest National Opera
06 August 2012 to 12:48
"Tango. Radio and Juliet" PremierÄ? NaÅ£ionalÄ? stagiunea 2010 - 2011 regia, coregrafia, lighting design, colaj muzical: Edward Clug decoruri: Marko Japelj cost...
TANGO FIRE - Verano Portenas
06 August 2012 to 12:43
TANGO FIRE during their world tour. I filmed them at the Maag Eventhall in Zürich Switerland Credits: ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Carolina Soler DANCERS Nelson Celis &...
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