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Pâques chrétiennes
16 April 2017 to 10:54
Et tandis qu'ils mangeaient, il prit du pain, le bénit, le rompit et le leur donna en disant :
« Prenez, ceci est mon corps ».

Puis, prenant une coupe, il rednit grâces, et la leur donna, et ils en burent tous. Et il leur dit :
« Ceci est mon sang, le sang de l'alliance, qui va être répandu pour une multitude. »

(Marc 14, 22 - Bible de Jérusalem)
Top 10 things to see and do in Israel
19 April 2015 to 14:03
The Old City of Jerusalem: the ESSENTIAL guide to this amazingly historical site - The ESSENTIAL guide to Israel |
The Old City of Jerusalem is surely one of the greatest sites in Israel; amazingly intense, hugely religious, and with history poring out of every corner...a...
Yad Vashem Museum, Jerusalem: a must see glimpse into the soul of Israel - The ESSENTIAL guide to Israel |
Visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum is a very humbling experience, but a definite must do if you want to gain a deeper insight into the Israel psyche.
Ten ESSENTIAL things to see and do in Tel Aviv, the Middle East’s Capital of Cool - The ESSENTIAL guide to Israel |
Here's the essential guide to Tel Aviv, a city that has evolved over the past few years into a place that will amaze, delight, and have you begging for more!
The lowest place on Earth – The Dead Sea - The ESSENTIAL guide to Israel |
A complete guide to the lowest place on Earth - the magical Dead Sea. Float on your back in the warm, salty water, smother your body with mineral-rich mud, and...
Our guide to Masada: a desert fortress you have to storm! - The ESSENTIAL guide to Israel |
If ever there was a desert destination to inspire, the desert fortress of Masada is surely it. And reading about Masada before you head down to the south of...
The Baha’i Gardens: a humdinger of a stopover in the north of Israel! - The ESSENTIAL guide to Israel |
Set on Mount Carmel amid gorgeous sculptured gardens, the Baha'i Gardens is a UNESCO world heritage site just shouting out to you for a visit!
18 April 2015 to 06:32
15 April 2015 to 09:48
Walls of Jerusalem
21 January 2014 to 22:25
12 December 2013 to 18:35
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